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Systematic Standardized Evaluation
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Christopher Dudzik
Toms River. P.D.
Vice President
Jeff Hanlon
West Long Branch, P.D.
Mike Kelly
Jackson Twp. P.D.
Brian Collins
Manchester Twp. P.D.
Sergeant at Arms
Pat McNichol
Mendham Boro. P.D.
DEC Coordinator
Robert Tormo
Bill Beck
Roxbury P.D.
P.O. Box 442
Toms River, NJ 08754
The Drug Recognition Expert program and procedures were initially developed in the1970's by the Los Angeles Police Department. This procedure trains officers to use a standardized twelve- step evaluation process that allows the officer to determine whether the suspect is under the influence of drugs, and to determine the category of drug that is causing the observable impairment. The twelve-step procedure also allows the officer to rule in or out many medical conditions, such as illness or injury, which may be contributing to the subject's impairment.
While the DRE procedure's main objective is driving under the influence(DUI) enforcement, the procedures have been applied in probation and parole, drugs in the workplace issues and other areas where accurately identifying the drug-impaired individual is relevant.
The New Jersey Association of Drug Recognition Experts is comprised of certified DRE officers from local, county and state law enforcement agencies, throughout the State.
Meeting dates 2014: March 6,  June 19, September 4 and December 11 Meeting location: Middlesex Fire Academy  Sayreville, NJ @ 10:00am
Technical Advisor      Joe Abrusci      Andover Twp. P.D.