Adrafinil | Review of Uses, Side Effects, and More

Adrafinil (also known as Modafinil) is an alternative smart drug that can be used for its ability to increase focus, memory and productivity. But it has some side effects which users should be aware of before using the compound long term.

Adrafinil is a nootropic that has been used for decades. It has been shown to improve memory and concentration. Adrafinil also has some potential side effects, but they are not harmful in any way.

Adrafinil | Review of Uses, Side Effects, and More

Are you curious whether this nootropic genuinely works? Then continue reading this Adrafinil evaluation.


Why would we investigate into Modafinil analogs when Modafinil provides all the attention and concentration one could ever need [1]?

That is straightforward:

Ardafinil is significantly simpler to acquire online than other nootropics.

Why? Because Adrafinil is completely legal to purchase over-the-counter in almost every nation. It’s also a nootropic that may be used on a regular basis to improve mental function. Yes, Adrafinil is effective.

But there’s more to it, which is why we began to consider the Adrafinil vs. Modafinil debate…

Is Adrafinil better than Modafinil as a nootropic? Is it okay if I take it? Is Adrafinil’s cost justified in comparison to other smart drugs? Is Adrafinil a safe and effective cognitive enhancer, or is it a waste of time and money?

Our team began doing study and testing to find answers to all of these issues. It’s not enough for Adrafinil to just “work”; it must also deliver a significant return on investment in terms of productivity and energy.

Adrafinil is a great Modafinil substitute that is completely legal.

Here’s the link: to Place an Order!’s material is provided only for educational and informative reasons. We do not provide legal counsel. We also don’t provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please with your doctor before using Modafinil or other nootropics. Our entire Disclaimer and Terms of Use apply to your use of


What exactly is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil truly has a fascinating backstory!

It was initially created in 1974 by Louis Lafon Laboratories, a French pharmaceutical firm. Adrafinil was first introduced to the French medicine market in 1985 under the brand name “Olmifon” to treat narcolepsy.

In 2001, Louis Lafon Laboratories was purchased by Cephalon, a larger corporation that voluntarily pulled Olmifon off the market in 2011 and stopped producing the medicine [2].

But why is this happening?

Why would Adrafinil, a wakefulness-promoting medicine with none of the negative side effects associated with other stimulants like addiction, elevated blood pressure, and heart rate, be abruptly withdrawn?

Scientists quickly discovered that Adrafinil is a prodrug of Modafinil, and so the Modafinil narrative started!

To put it another way, a prodrug is an inert drug that the body metabolizes (converts) into a physiologically active medication.

The major metabolite of Adrafinil is none other than Modafinil. Adrafinil contains a hydroxyl (OH) group on the terminal amine end of the molecule, which is the sole structural difference between the two.

Modafinil and Adrafinil have similar cognitive effects [3]:

  • Mental weariness is reduced.
  • Short- and long-term memory improvements,
  • Improved capacity to think more clearly
  • Increased energy levels throughout the day
  • Positive attitude,
  • The ability to remain awake for substantially longer periods of time, and
  • There is no “energy crash” as with other stimulants.

Modafinil, on the other hand, was discovered to be more powerful and quicker acting than Adrafinil. It has a much longer duration and needs a lower dose [4].

Pharmaceutical firms have no financial motivation to continue producing Adrafinil since Modafinil is a much more effective medicine.

We don’t know the specific methods by which Adrafinil affects the human brain, just as we don’t know how Modafinil does.

However, medical experts are well aware that Adrafinil is not a typical stimulant, owing to its specific action in the brain’s amygdala and hypothalamus [5].

But enough with the books on history. Is Adrafinil as effective as its more well-known predecessor?




Is Adrafinil Effective? | Our Experience

In a recent blog article, we compared Adrafinil versus Modafinil in detail, so if you’re interested in learning more, you should do so.

Here’s what our team discovered about Adrafinil vs. Modafinil…

Both medicines provided us with the tremendous concentration we required to work at a high level for many hours. With any of these smart medications, we had no negative side effects or addictive tendencies.

The effects of Adrafinil took two hours to set in, but Modafinil just took one hour. We barely felt the effects of Adrafinil for a few hours, maybe 6-8 hours altogether, while Modafinil lasted 12-15 hours.

As a result, when we took Adrafinil in the afternoon, we were able to fall asleep without remaining up at night. We didn’t have the same experience with Modafinil, and we were up all night.

While Modafinil is undoubtedly more powerful and effective, we can confidently state that Adrafinil works and accomplishes its goals.

However, not every nootropic user experienced the same results as our members.

Some users report waking up significantly earlier to take their Adrafinil dosage due to the long time it takes for Adrafinil to convert into Modafinil. This allowed them to use Adrafinil without disrupting their natural circadian cycle.

Mixed ratings were seen on Reddit in one debate [6]. One user said that Adrafinil had no significant side effects:

“I believe Adrafinil is one of those substances that does not work for everyone. I’ve never gotten it from [unnamed provider], but I’ve tried it elsewhere and in bigger dosages, and all it did was give me sleeplessness. “There is no concentration, enthusiasm, or anything.”

Another user said that Adrafinil worked best when they were sleep deprived:

“I notice virtually little when I take it after a full night’s sleep.” But if I’ve been out till four a.m. and have work to do the following day, I’ll notice it, and it’s really just a clear-headed sensation, not that motivating.”

So, how effective is Adrafinil?

Because of how it works in the body, it should, in theory. Everyone is different in practice, and the outcomes vary. The only way to know for sure is to test Adrafinil for a few weeks and observe how it affects you.


Top 5 Adrafinil Benefits and Side Effects

Before you go out and purchase Adrafinil, consider what the research has to say about this little-known nootropic.

A simple PubMed search for “adrafinil” returns just 38 items, which isn’t really noteworthy.

Because the bulk of Adrafinil investigations were done by French scientists in the 1980s and 1990s, their papers are presently inaccessible in any internet database.

So what we know about Adrafinil comes from either (a) first-hand experience with smart medicines users or (b) established Modafinil effects across several research.

Having said that, Adrafinil has a number of well-established cognitive advantages…

  • Adrafinil Increases Energy

The main advantage of Adrafinil has to be its capacity to boost your energy levels, particularly when you’re exhausted and sleepy.

This permits you to maintain a greater degree of concentration for extended periods of time.

The “wakefulness-promoting” effect of Adrafinil was proven in tests conducted 20 years ago in which dogs were given various dosages of the drug [7]:

In older dogs, adrafinil causes an increase in locomotor activity. The degree of the rise is determined on the dosage and the surrounding environment. The impact lasts for a long time after administration, and the effectiveness does not decrease with subsequent administration.

After rhesus monkeys were administered Adrafinil, their nocturnal activity increased by up to 4-fold without any sedative effect when the medication wore off [8].

We’re not sure why Adrafinil keeps you awake and attentive while keeping tiredness at bay.

However, one theory is that Adrafinil boosts the synthesis of hypocretin, a neurotransmitter that is weak in narcoleptics [9].

Another theory is that the wakefulness is caused by the conversion of Adrafinil to Modafinil, a well-known ‘eugeroic.’ Modafinil increases levels of “histamine” in the brain of rats in lab tests [10], and other research have shown that increased histamine may undoubtedly aid boost alertness and focus [11].

  • Your Mood is Improved by Adrafinil

Adrafinil will not only increase your brain, but it will also improve your mood and give you an inexplicable boost in motivation.

It’s difficult to determine if the drive comes first, or whether the convenience of functioning connected with Adrafinil causes the motivation to rise.

There isn’t much in the scholarly literature regarding this issue, which leads to some early findings from case studies [4]:

“Adrafinil seems to have an effect on fundamental motivational states.

Two participants reported having an interest in sex for the first time in years after taking adrafinil, according to Saletu et al. (49).

Following treatment with modafinil, Nicolaidis and de Saint Hillaire (45) discovered reduced eating and body weight.”

So, if you’re a student who has problems studying for lengthy periods of time or keeping focused throughout tedious and often repeated lectures, Adrafinil could be worth a try!

While we don’t know why Adrafinil improves mood, it is a prodrug of Modafinil and hence has many of the same benefits. Modafinil has been proven to raise dopamine levels in the brain [12], and research suggests that higher amounts of this neurotransmitter might contribute to a better mood. [13].

  • Adrafinil Has The Potential To Improve Brain Health

It’s possible that Adrafinil doesn’t only boost productivity, based on the impacts of Modafinil.

It may be utilized as a neuroprotectant to protect against neurodegenerative illnesses and processes [14]:

“When contemplating aging- or Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-related cognitive deficiencies, the possible therapeutic implications of modafinil usage in the elderly might be imagined.”

…Thus, on a speculative note, the modafinil-driven [functional connectivity] improvements we’re observing in regions that govern attention and inhibitory control may assist to overcome impairments in the aging brain as well as in the brains of [mild cognitive impairment] or Alzheimer’s patients.”

It’s no surprise that Adrafinil was first developed for older individuals suffering from depression caused by neurodegenerative illnesses.

Adrafinil, on the other hand, may assist a healthy person retain their brain bright and completely functional far into old life.

  • Adrafinil Could Help With Memory

This one is a reach, and it necessitates a return to canine research [4]:

“…we trained elderly beagle dogs on size and intensity discrimination learning tasks for 2 hours after treatment with either 20 mg/kg of adrafinil or a placebo control.”

…Adrafinil treatment resulted in a considerable improvement in learning, as shown by a reduction in both mistakes and trials to criteria.

This improvement seemed to be linked to baseline cognitive function: the dogs with the most severe impairments tended to improve the most.”

We can’t tell for sure if Adrafinil improves memory directly based on our experience.

However, improving various mental traits directly – attention, drive, energy, and so on — may lead to increased retention of complicated material in the long run.

  • Adrafinil May Help You React Faster

With all of the aforementioned advantages working in your favor, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your response time when you take Adrafinil.

On the keyboard, your fingers type quicker. You can respond rapidly in difficult circumstances without going far into outright impulsivity.

To get this conclusion, we need to look at a research employing Modafinil [15]:

“Modafinil (0, 8, 32, and 64 mg/kg) was given orally to middle-aged female rats (18-20 months old) and they were examined in a 3-choice visual discrimination and sustained attention task.

Modafinil enhanced response accuracy and impulse control (fewer premature replies) and reduced reaction latencies in a dose-dependent manner, without impacting omission errors, motivation, or motor control.”

The same phenomenon happens with Adrafinil, but only when its effects are at their peak. This implies you may have to wait for Adrafinil to completely take effect.




Dosage Guidelines for Adrafinil

So, what is the best Adrafinil dose for someone who has to get a lot of work done quickly?

To respond to such question, we must first comprehend how Adrafinil is metabolized in the body [16]:

“Adrafinil peaks in the blood of older individuals one hour after oral consumption, although neurological effects occur largely after this peak owing to the time it takes to convert it to modafinil, its active metabolite.” 

Adrafinil may be converted to modafinil, which can then be converted to the harmless modafinilic acid or modafinil sulfone. Without generating modafinil, adrafinil may be converted straight to modafinilic acid.”

Here’s what it all implies…

Some Adrafinil is lost in the metabolization process, and not all of it is transformed into Modafinil.

Because the prodrug Adrafinil takes time to break down into the active drug Modafinil, its cognitive benefits will naturally take longer to manifest.

Modafinil has a 60-90 minute peak time, so add another hour or so with Adrafinil.

Furthermore, the effects will not stay as long. Adrafinil will provide you a shorter focus boost of 2-3 hours, compared to Modafinil’s 10-12 hours [17].

As a result, more Adrafinil will be required to get the same cognitive effects as Modafinil.

(NOTE: All of the following is fully dependant on your individual body chemistry and Adrafinil dosage.)

You should take 300 mg of Adrafinil for every 100 mg of Modafinil you wish to “enjoy.”

Because most individuals perform well on 100-200mg of Modafinil per day [18], you might take 300-600mg of Adrafinil per day [17]. If this is your first time taking it, we recommend beginning with 300mg.

This is what we propose based on our experience with Adrafinil…

  • 300 mg once a day, split into two smaller doses, is the ideal amount.
  • When to Take It: Take it first thing in the morning to prevent having difficulties sleeping at night.
  • What to Take It With: A glass of water before breakfast, since food might delay Adrafinil’s onset.

We suggest using Adrafinil in equally spaced dosages no more than three times each week.

If you’re using Adrafinil and Modafinil, take Modafinil for 1-2 days and Adrafinil for 1-2 days in the same week.

To prevent increasing your liver enzymes, you should use it in a “one week on, one week off” cyclical way (or as required).

We also do not recommend using Adrafinil everyday for a lengthy period of time for the same reason.

If you want to be extra careful, start with 150 mg of Adrafinil each dosage and work your way up.

Because to the extensive metabolization process, Adrafinil must be taken sooner than Modafinil.

If you follow these guidelines, administering Adrafinil safely and efficiently will be a breeze.


Where Can I Buy Adrafinil Online in 2022?

So, where should you get Adrafinil, and who is the greatest online dealer to assist you in obtaining this nootropic?

To begin, understand that we are picky about where we acquire Adrafinil online, or any smart medicine for that matter.

For us to suggest a vendor, they must be trustworthy, provide competitive shipping rates to several countries, and give exceptional customer service.

AbsorbYourHealth is the only Adrafinil supplier that meets our requirements.

These guys are well-known and have been in the nootropics industry since 2011.

Here are some of the reasons we feel they are the best online Adrafinil supplier:

  • 3rd Party Testing: Every product we’ve seen on their site, including Adrafinil, comes with test results from independent labs to validate its identification and purity. It’s no surprise that they have some of the best Adrafinil available.
  • Adrafinil can be transported to over 100 countries, so there’s a good possibility you’ll be able to have it delivered to your country. Plus, if you spend $75 or more, delivery is free. Every purchase is dispatched the next business day.
  • Several 5-Star Reviews: We’ve only heard good things about AbsorbYourHealth from those who have purchased from them. Many of them are frequent visitors. We’ve placed several purchases with them and have never had a problem.
  • Fair Return Policies: Domestic consumers in the United States have 90 days to return their product for a full refund. If your purchase does not arrive due to a USPS issue, you may request a refund OR a replacement.
  • AbsorbYourHealth accepts all major credit cards, so payment for your purchase is simple and safe.

The only criticism we have about AbsorbYourHealth is that they do not provide refunds for overseas purchases until the cargo fails to clear US customs.

Apart from these small drawbacks, we strongly endorse AbsorbYourHealth as an Adrafinil supplier.


Where Can You Buy Adrafinil in Your Country?

In most countries, adrafinil is presently unscheduled and uncontrolled. This implies that you may lawfully purchase it without a prescription.

It will not, however, be available at your local pharmacy or supplement shop. You must purchase it from an internet retailer such as AbsorbYourHealth.

If your preferred online retailer does not ship to your nation, you will need to locate another retailer.

We are certain that using Adrafinil in nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States will be legal.

We can’t speak for other nations, so check your country’s regulations to see whether you can purchase and use Adrafinil lawfully.

You may need a prescription for Adrafinil in certain countries.

However, as long as you are taking Adrafinil for personal use and not for profit, you should be alright.

This makes Adrafinil an excellent legal alternative to Modafinil, which in most countries needs a prescription to use.

Finally, numerous doping bodies such as WADA, USADA, and the NCAA have all banned adrafinil.

So, if you’re a competitive athlete reading this, make sure you’re not boosting your performance with Adrafinil!


Using Adrafinil in conjunction with other nootropics?

Adrafinil is great by itself, but can it be used with other smart medications to provide a powerful synergistic effect?

One in which you can boost Adrafinil’s beneficial benefits while minimizing or eliminating its negative effects, or perhaps improve a different aspect of cognition?

We think it’s totally achievable, so here are a few stacks to try:

  • Noopept and Adrafinil

For laser focus and high concentration over many hours, Noopept stacks well with Adrafinil.

This Russian nootropic is ideal for when you have an all-nighter planned or a demanding assignment that demands your whole focus.

It also has the beneficial impact of reducing anxiety, allowing you to stay grounded and calm while working.

We propose taking 20-30 mg of Adrafinil with it.

  • Milk Thistle with Adrafinil

Milk thistle is a natural substance that will protect your liver from any possible harm caused by Adrafinil.

Rather than enhancing your cognitive capacity, we propose this stack for improving your general health.

For the greatest effects, use 75-150 mg of Milk thistle with Adrafinil.

  • Piracetam with Adrafinil

Piracetam will improve your memory while also increasing your ability to absorb and remember new knowledge.

Some individuals feel that combining these two boosts their creativity, but we’ve discovered that this stack is more neuroprotective than anything else.

Piracetam dose with Adrafinil should be 4-5 grams once or twice a day.

  • Caffeine and Adrafinil

This is a “wild card” stack since it may either help or hurt you.

Some people will become far more alert and focused when stacking Caffeine and Adrafinil. Others will feel anxious and jittery, with a few outliers reporting a faster heartbeat and higher blood pressure.

If you attempt this stack, limit your caffeine intake to 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning while taking Adrafinil.




Adrafinil Review: Is It Worth It?

So, what do you get out of this in-depth Adrafinil review?

We believe Adrafinil is a very effective smart medicine that can be taken by healthy people who desire to increase their productivity.

If we had direct access to Modafinil, though, it would not be our first option. We still consider it the best nootropic on the planet.

While Adrafinil has been discontinued for the reasons stated in this page, it is a completely legal and less expensive option for those who are unable to get Modafinil.

When the first option is unavailable, consider Adrafinil as an alternative. It still works like a charm and can help anybody in a high-pressure, high-performance job.

P.S. Place your Adrafinil order now!

Here’s the link:



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Adrafinil is a nootropic drug that has been used for years to treat narcolepsy, sleep deprivation, and even depression. It’s also often used as an alternative to modafinil. In this review of adrafinil’s uses, side effects, and more, we’ll explore the drug’s pros and cons. Reference: adrafinil dosage reddit.

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