Can You Get High on Metaxalone?

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Can You Get High on Metaxalone?



Muscle disorders, whether caused by injury or stress, may be excruciatingly painful and need a mix of medicine and treatment to alleviate. Metaxalone is a muscle relaxant that was developed to treat acute pain sensations and prevent spasms.

In addition to these approved applications, some proponents claim that higher dosages may provide a Metaxalone high akin to that of alcohol intoxication. However, muscle relaxants are usually inefficient for Use for Pleasure, so I decided to investigate this claim further.

What is Metaxalone, exactly?

Metaxalone is a prescription muscle relaxant used to reduce muscular tension, relieve pain caused by strains and sprains, and counteract the negative consequences of musculoskeletal diseases.

Although the specific mechanism of Metaxalone action is unclear, hypotheses and research indicate that it may be related to the chemical’s effects on the central nervous system. The usual dosage is one 800 mg pill, which is a rather strong relaxant in and of itself.

Fortunately, the drug’s negative effects are usually minor and do not occur commonly in children. The risk of adverse effects is higher in the elderly, thus they are advised to use the medicine with more care.

Metaxalone is more effective when taken with meals, and it should be tapered off gradually to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

What is the purpose of the drug?

Metaxalone is an excellent treatment for acute pain caused by physical damage or musculoskeletal problems. It’s an excellent approach to assist people regain normal bodily function when paired with plenty of rest and a physical treatment plan.

Metaxalone may also help wounded individuals relax and sleep by reducing occurrences of muscular spasms (which produce additional pain) (because of the pain relief).

Use for Pleasure

Muscle relaxants have a restricted number of applications. Metaxalone, sold under the brand names Skelaxin and Metaxalone, was developed with the same specific purpose in mind. Though the actual mechanism of action is uncertain, it aids muscular relaxation and hence lowers muscle discomfort.

It may aid in the physical rehabilitation of damaged body parts as well as decrease tension caused by muscular spasms and other musculoskeletal issues. It was licensed for usage in the United States in 2008, and has since been accessible as a prescription drug.

Why is it thought that it might be used as a recreational drug? Some users claim that the pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing qualities may be pleasant and tension-relieving at larger dosages. However, this idea is not widely held, and many people doubt that Metaxalone may be used for anything other than its original use.

How Does Metaxalone Make You Feel?

When it comes to Metaxalone, it seems that opinions are equally divided. Some people say it gives them a pleasant, moderate sensation of blissful relaxation. For instance:

“Metaxalone doesn’t make me very high; the effects are very, very subtle, and I’ve discovered that it works well with other recreational drugs, especially marijuana.” When taken alone, the effects are nearly imperceptible at first; a deep sensation of unconscious relaxation, a slight divergence in motor controls, tiredness, and a heightened awareness of minute details are all common, as does a foggy memory.”

Others praised the medication for its modest relaxing properties:

“Took 2. I suffered a little case of nausea within the first 10 minutes. That’s what they do. But it was short-lived.

I felt much better after that. Simply let go. Not in a foolish way, but in a muscular way. It felt wonderful to stretch out, spread out, and lie back. My arms and legs were feeling a little heated. Like the warmth you receive from a nice drink, but concentrated in your muscles.”

Meanwhile, there are just as many opponents of the drug who do not feel it has any recreational use.

“It isn’t worth it.” It’s a muscle relaxant, and it’s not very effective. If you don’t have any discomfort, you’ll just feel a mild tiredness. Some folks acquire a minor inebriated sensation from taking a lot of these, but not in a pleasant manner.”

Another commentator was even more forthright:

“Those muscle relaxers don’t make you high at all; it’s not worth it.” Leave them to folks who genuinely need to relax their muscles, like your grandfather.”

They can all agree, however, that when taken appropriately, it does help to relieve muscular discomfort. The symptoms experienced by individuals who have used it therapeutically are nothing like being intoxicated.

Most people compare it to releasing muscular tension without losing function, which allows them to get more out of their treatment sessions and recover from injuries faster. Your mileage may vary, as it usually does. So, although this information provides a decent starting point for what to anticipate, you may have a better (or worse) experience.

Even so, I gave it a go.

I’d had bad encounters with muscle relaxers before, so I prepared myself for another crazy trip. Fortunately, this time around was not as bad. It wasn’t wonderful, but neither was it bad. My muscles calmed as predicted after receiving several tablets and consuming a double dosage.

I didn’t feel anything, but it wasn’t like being drunk, high, euphoric, or in any other pleasant mood you’d associate with taking a recreational drug. It may help you relax, but it doesn’t give you any additional feelings you’d associate with a high.

A Fairly Broad Consensus

If you’re seeking for a recreational high, Metaxalone isn’t going to cut it. There are several eyewitness accounts that sound quite similar to me. Metaxalone will relieve muscular discomfort, but it won’t make you high unless you take it with other medicines, which isn’t advised.

You may be tired, but that is not the same as being drowsy. Indeed, some user reviews will mention how the medicine helps them get into bed easier, but beyond that, there isn’t much that folks who use Metaxalone will comment about outside how it helps them with their ailments.


Used normally, Metaxalone with very rarely cause Consequences like drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and the like. In very extreme cases, it could cause changes in mental state or unusual tiredness.

Potential contacts are one place where you’ll want to be cautious. Metaxalone may have significant interactions with over a hundred medicines. Check with your doctor if you’re taking any other drugs to determine whether they’ll interact with Metaxalone. People who have liver or renal issues should avoid using the medicine since it might make their condition worse.

The Final Word

You should generally only use Metaxalone if you have a medical reason to. If you have injury-related muscular discomfort, your doctor will most likely prescribe it. I don’t see much of a purpose to take Metaxalone beyond that. If you’re seeking for a recreational high, there are a plethora of better solutions available. However, given that some users have reported having a more favorable experience with the medication, you may want to give it a try.

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