Flmodafinil Review | Review of Benefits, Side Effects, & More

Flmodafinil is a brand name for the drug modafinil. It’s meant to treat sleep disorders, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. Learn about its benefits, side effects, and more from this review of one such medication.

Flmodafinil is a drug that has been around since the 1960s. It was originally used as a treatment for narcolepsy, but it has recently been found to have benefits in treating depression and other conditions. Read more in detail here: flmodafinil review reddit.

Flmodafinil Review | Review of Benefits, Side Effects, & More

This Flmodafinil review will tell you all you need to know about the overhyped Modafinil alternative.

Few people have tried this experimental medicine, but those who have believe it is more effective than Modafinil at improving cognition while being cheaper to acquire and with fewer adverse effects.

However, you will have a difficult time finding any scientific research or published material from reliable sources.

Which leads to the big question…

Is Flmodafinil a dangerous research chemical or the actual successor of Modafinil, Armodafinil, and Adrafinil?

Furthermore, what is the optimal Flmodafinil dosage? What are the Flmodafinil side effects? And where can you get Flmodafinil over the internet?

All of the aforementioned questions, as well as many more, will be answered in depth in this comprehensive introduction to Flmodafnil!


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Review of Flmodafinil | Overview

Flmodafinil (also known as Lauflumide, NLS-4, CRL-40,940) is an experimental Modafinil derivative with a chemical structure that is remarkably close to the original substance [1]:



As you can see, each benzyl ring on Flmodafinil has a fluorine atom added to the “p” position. Flmodafinil is known as the “bis(p-fluoro) analog” by scientists because of this.

There isn’t much more to say about Flmodafinil, although numerous researches believe it possesses the following properties:

  • Has eugeroic (wakefulness-enhancing) qualities comparable to Modafinil.
  • Glutamate, dopamine, histamine, and other neurotransmitters are affected in the same way as Modafinil.
  • In terms of mood, memory, alertness, and general productivity, it has a stronger impact than Modafinil.
  • It enters the bloodstream and begins “acting” considerably quicker than Modafinil.

The FDA has not authorized Flmodafinil to treat the same three medical disorders as Modafinil: obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder [2].

This hasn’t prevented biohackers from experimenting with Flmodafinil in the hopes of finding a better, more powerful form of Modafinil.



What can we learn about Flmodafinil’s cognitive advantages from the limited scientific research available and the countless testimonies from nootropic users who took a huge risk and tried it?

Let’s investigate…

Flmodafinil Increases Alertness

This is the first time we have a published research in mice indicating Flmodafinil’s ability to increase alertness [3]:

“At 64 mg/kg, NLS-4 [i.e. Flmodafinil] generated considerably longer awake duration than modafinil at 150 mg/kg.”

“…Our findings suggest that NLS-4 is a very effective wake-promoting medication that causes no hypersomnia rebound.”

Recovery sleep following NLS-4 administration is characterized by reduced NREM quantity and delta activity than after modafinil treatment, indicating a decreased requirement for recovery despite prolonged drug-induced alertness.”

Flmodafinil is a superb Modafinil alternative for attaining 6 hours of pure laser focus, as we previously said.

This is by far the most prevalent advantage reported by human study participants who have used Flmodafinil [4]:

“…absolutely lawful” Flmodafinil keeps me awake for around 12 hours and increases my awareness. It’s also not a stimulant, so it doesn’t induce jitters or an increase in heart rate.”

Flmodafinil is not a conventional stimulant in the sense that we conceive of it. You may not immediately “feel” more energetic, but you will notice a subtle shift in your attention and productivity.

Daytime Fatigue is Reduced with Flmodafinil

While Modafinil is not authorized by the FDA to treat tiredness, many people with medical illnesses in which fatigue is a key symptom report feeling much less fatigued after taking 200 mg per day [5].

Flmodafinil users have reported that it helps them overcome poor habits including procrastination and other impulsive actions that are normally damaging [6]:

“The night before, I didn’t get any sleep. Maybe 4 hours total on and off… I started with the suggested amount of 50mg. It had a sweet/metallic flavor. I didn’t like for the flavor, but it was passable.

I began feeling less weary after 10 minutes, like a lot less fatigued. I wasn’t fatigued at all after 20 minutes. It seemed like I had just awoken after a nice night’s sleep.”

Flmodafinil makes it significantly simpler to make better judgments throughout the day by removing the pressure of coping with a disease that saps your mental vitality.

Your Sleep Schedule Will Not Be Affected By Flmodafinil

Although minimal pharmacokinetic data on Flmodafinil is available, anecdotal evidence suggests that the experimental nootropic’s wakefulness-enhancing effects do not interfere with your sleep routine [7]:

“I prefer Flmodafinil on days when I don’t need all-day stimulation because of its shorter duration.”

In comparison to Modafinil, which keeps me up virtually entire night, I find it much simpler to fall asleep. Flmodafinil seems to have greater mood-enhancing properties.”

Flmodafinil’s more potent but shorter-lasting duration explains this. Before the drug’s effects wear off, you receive a bigger increase in cognition for 6-7 hours — just in time for a decent night’s sleep.

Flmodafinil Has a Positive Effect on Overall Mood

Modafinil has been shown to improve mood and have a minor influence on overall happiness in both scientific research and personal testimony [8].

Flmodafinil seems to have the same effect, if not more so as Modafinil [9]:

“There’s a noticeable boost in attentiveness. No jitters/anxiety (note: benzos are playing a role). A mood lift, although not quite as strong as an amphetamine buzz. Clear your mind.

Because of the benzos and lack of sleep, there hasn’t been any brain fog yet. There is no increased urge to interact, yet it is simple to do so. A general sense of happiness, but not joy.”

Flmodafinil’s positive emotions of motivation will be very beneficial to anybody dealing with an almost impossible amount of work and tight deadlines.

Modafinil has more “jitters” than Flmodafinil.

For some who find Modafinil overly stimulating, the initial impression can be that Flmodafinil is even worse.

However, many nootropic users discover that the alleged greater potency of Flmodafinil does not cause jitters or anxiety [10]:

“My concentration and energy levels are at an all-time high.” 100% concentration… There’s no euphoria here; it’s all wake-up alertness, focus, and f*cking energy!


One of the many reasons we offer Flmodafinil as a more legal alternative to Modafinil is because of its favorable impact… either for individuals who are unable to get it or for those who feel Modafinil does not give them with the desired results.

Flmodafinil Could Be Beneficial for ADHD Patients

This is NOT an endorsement of the use of Flmodafinil for the treatment of ADHD symptoms. However, a small number of persons with ADHD who have used Flmodafinil have experienced the following side effects [11]:

“It’s currently 11 a.m., and I took my 75mg dosage at 7 a.m. I can confidently state that I feel as emotionally stable and attentive after taking 10mg Ritalin IR at 7 a.m. and another at 11 a.m.

The main distinctions are that there is no anxiety or a sensation of being hurried. There are no jitters or CNS stimulation symptoms. By this time, I’d consumed roughly 200mg of caffeine. So far, no negative effects have been reported.”

Overall, Flmodafinil looks to be a good option to Armodafinil and Modafinil for persons who seek a larger cognitive boost at a lower dosage without some of the side effects that both medicines have.

Safety and Side Effects of Flmodafinil

You may be interested about the adverse effects of Flmodafinil or if it’s safe to take Flmodafinil for better cognition given the paucity of scientific study so far.

Flmodafinil has not been the subject of any toxicity research, human investigations, or clinical evaluations. You are solely responsible for any side effects – good or bad – that result from using Flmodafinil responsibly.

The adverse effect profile of Modafinil looks to be quite comparable to that of Flmodafinil, based on the testimonies we received.

The following are the most often reported Flmodafinil adverse effects:

  • [12] Dehydration
  • [13] Headache
  • [14] Irritability
  • Anxiety [15]
  • Nausea [16]
  • There are no discernible consequences [17].

Overall, you should utilize Flmodafinil in the same manner you would Modafinil. This assures that the adverse effects indicated will be brief and modest in nature.

We’ve already written about how to take Modafinil safely, and our advice for taking Flmodafinil properly is the same:

  • Flmodafinil should only be used once or twice a week as required for a maximum of 30 days before taking a seven-day vacation to reset your tolerance levels.
  • Flmodafinil dosage should not exceed 100 mg per day, and novices should start with 50 mg and gradually increase.
  • Due to its tremendous potency, we DO NOT recommend combining Flmodafinil with other nootropics [18].
  • If you’re taking Flmodafinil, drink more water than normal – 2-4 liters in one day is ideal.
  • Only use Flmodafinil in the morning — the ideal time to take it is between 8 and 9 a.m.

You may take Flmodafinil safely if you follow the advice stated above.



Is it legal for you to purchase and use Flmodafinil? To cut a long tale short, it is not legal in the same way that Modafinil is.

Modafinil is a Schedule IV prescription medication in the United States. That means you can’t take Modafinil without a prescription, and you can’t distribute or sell it to others.

However, as stated in the introduction, Flmodafinil is a Modafinil ANALOG.

And, for those asking whether the controversial 1986 “Federal Analogue Act” applies to Flmodafinil, the answer is no [19]:

“…[the legislation] authorizes any chemical that is “substantially similar” to a Schedule I or II prohibited drug to be handled as if it were classified in Schedule I, but only if it is intended for human consumption.

That is to say…

Flmodafinil is an uncontrolled, unregulated research substance available on the somewhat-legal grey market but not licensed for human use by the FDA.

As a result, you’ll notice the following advertising for Flmodafinil on the internet:

“This information is solely available for study purposes.” It’s not for human consumption, medicinal purposes, domestic purposes, or veterinary purposes.”

But, based on our own experience and access to thousands of people who have tried Flmodafinil, we’ve put up a quick cheat sheet that explains everything:

  • Flmodafinil will not up on a Modafinil drug test unless the examiner expressly looks for it.
  • While you may theoretically travel with modest amounts of Flmodafinil, its grey-market status puts you at somewhat more risk than flying with Modafinil.
  • Flmodafinil may be purchased online in tiny doses without a prescription in the same way as Modafinil can.
  • Due to its classification as a research molecule, selling Flmodafinil to others is completely unlawful [20].

To summarize, you are responsible for the appropriate use of Flmodafinil as well as any legal consequences.


Flmodafinil’s fundamental mechanism of action is thought to be quite similar to Modafinil, if not identical [21]:

“Modafinil seems to raise extracellular dopamine levels in the rat nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex, as well as the dog caudate nucleus.”

It has been demonstrated to occupy both dopamine and noradrenaline receptors (in the striatum), and blocking dopamine receptor occupancy in mice abolishes the sleep-promoting benefits, indicating that this mode of action is important for the sleep-promoting effects.”

Modafinil functions as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor by binding to the dopamine transporter (DAT) and reducing dopamine absorption (DRI).

Flmodafinil is 2-fold more active than Modafinil in blocking dopamine reuptake, according to the single published investigation on its pharmacological qualities [22]. In other words, 50 mg of Flmodafinil is equivalent to 100 mg of Modafinil in delivering the same effect.

Flmodafinil’s capacity to bind to DAT is likewise “greater than methylphenidate and without adverse effects on peripheral adrenergic systems implicated in hypertension,” according to unpublished studies [3].

When putting this information into practice, many users state that Flmodafinil takes 30-60 minutes to kick in and lasts 6-7 hours. As a result, Flmodafinil’s half-life is anticipated to be shorter than Modafinil’s 12-15 hours.

The two extra fluorine atoms in Flmodafinl’s reportedly enhanced efficacy compared to Modafinil, however, are the actual draw.

Medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical business are well aware that adding more fluorine atoms to medications might cause the following modifications [23, 24, 25, 26]:

  • Lipophilicity has increased (i.e. improved ability to dissolve in fats, thus an improved ability to penetrate cell membranes)
  • Drug metabolism is slowing down (i.e. less of the drug is eliminated from your system via enzymatic breakdown)
  • Better penetration of the blood-brain barrier
  • Increased bioavailability (i.e. the fraction of a drug that reaches your bloodstream)
  • Increased affinity for its target receptor

Flmodafinil is an excellent illustration of how apparently little modifications in a drug’s chemical structure may have a significant impact on its effects. This might be why some nootropic users believe Flmodafinl is a more potent variant of Modafinil.


Online Flmodafinil Purchase | 2020

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Outstanding Customer Service

They communicate with their clients in a timely and professional manner. We were pleased by how rapid and informative their replies are after submitting many enquiries ourselves.

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Every product comes with a detailed data sheet, as well as thorough audits of their manufacturing batches and product potency as determined by an independent third-party Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

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One of the most significant issues with online nootropics merchants is the restricted payment alternatives available.

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  • card of credit (Visa, MasterCard)
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Flmodafinil of Premium Quality at Reasonable Prices

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Flmodafinil’s Background

Dr. Michel Jouvet of Lafon Laboratories is said to have developed Flmodafinil alongside Modafinil in the late 1970s while researching innovative therapies in the area of sleep medicine.

The earliest documented incidence of Flmodafinil may be found in the medication Fladrafinil, which is thought to be its predecessor (a.k.a. CRL-40,941, adrafinil with two additional fluorine atoms). Fladrafinil has the following qualities, according to a patent submitted by the pharmaceutical business in 1984 [28]:

  • In mice, the maximal non-lethal dosage was 1024 mg/kg.
  • Anti-aggressive effects in mice given a 256 mg/kg dosage
  • At doses of 64 and 128 mg/kg, reduces the duration of barbiturate-induced sleep.
  • When used orally, it has a higher overall bioavailability than Adrafinil.

This patent’s last remark was particularly intriguing:

“From a clinical standpoint, CRL 40941 is effective at half the dosage of CRL 40028.

In man, it had excellent effects when given per os at a dose of 2 to 3 capsules or tablets (each having 50 mg of active component) per day for 2 to 8 weeks in the treatment of hypersommia and psychastenia.”

Lafon Laboratories submitted a new patent in 1986, this time covering both Flmodafinil and Fladrafinil. The following are some of the findings they found in mice administered Flmodafinil [29]:

  • Improves recuperation and motor activity
  • At dosages of 32 and 128 mg/kg, reduces the duration of barbiturate-induced sleep.
  • “Arousing medication with outstanding outcomes”

Flmodafinil subsequently vanished into thin air until NLS Pharmaceuticals submitted a patent for Flmodafinil under the name “Lauflumide” in 2013 [30]. This happened a year after generic medicine companies were given permission to develop Modafinil [31].

Unlike prior patents, this one made a number of bold assertions regarding Lauflumide’s potential as a therapeutic therapy for ADHD symptoms:

  • “Lauflumide (racemic combination) is estimated to last 6 to 7 hours in plasma.”
  • In “increasing waiting ability in young Wistar rats exposed to the T-maze test,” Lauflumide is at least as effective as methylphenidate (Ritalin) and more effective than Modafinil (a protocol used to assess impulsivity and therefore the efficacy of ADHD drugs).
  • “[Lauflumide] is 20 times stronger than adrafinil and four times stronger than modafinil.”

Flmodafinil was subsequently studied in a Phase I clinical research including Alzheimer’s disease patients, which began in 2015 but was halted in late 2019 for unclear reasons [32].

This is the last time Flmodafinil has been mentioned in a reliable source. Since then, no additional research into Flmodafinil or its possible medicinal uses has been done.


Flmodafinil Review | Conclusion

So, what can we take away from this in-depth Flmodafinil review?

Despite its classification as an experimental research substance, many users believe Flmodafinil is a better variant of Modafinil.

More potent cognition-enhancing benefits, safer to consume, simpler to get, and less expensive to buy, and a must-have tool for brief bursts of crazy productivity and razor-sharp concentration.

However, not everyone will agree with the preceding claims, and some people may not experience the desired results while using Flmodafinil.

As a result, the efficacy of flmodafinil is totally dependent on the user’s biological makeup.

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Flmodafinil is a drug that has been used to treat narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. It also has the ability to enhance cognitive function, reduce fatigue, and improve mood. In this review we will cover the benefits of flmodafinil, side effects, and more. Reference: flmodafinil vs modafinil.

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