NALT – Supplement Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

NALT is an acronym for ‘n-acetyl l cysteine’, a compound found in the body that helps to break down aminos and create glutathione. While this supplement can help with everything from regulating blood sugar levels to boosting immunity, side effects are not common and most people tolerate it well. Reviews of nalt recommend taking between 500mg – 1g per day but also caution against using too much as it may lower efficacy.

The “nalt dose reddit” is a supplement that has many benefits. It contains ingredients that help with memory, mood, and brain function. The side effects of nalt can be mild to severe depending on the dosage and the person.

NALT - Supplement Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

An Overview of NALT

Tyrosine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in cheese.

NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine) is a high-quality source of l-tyrosine, a precursor to dopamine.

NALT supplementation may increase dopamine levels in the brain, which may have a nootropic impact on the user.

NALT is often used for:

  • Memory
  • Stress Reduction
  • Mood
  • ADHD

NALT seems to be the most effective treatment for tiredness and stress. People who have been in challenging conditions for a long time generally benefit the most from this nootropic.

NALT is also used as a supplement to ADHD medications like Adderall and Ritalin by certain persons. NALT may replace the dopamine lost as a result of these stimulants.

Some individuals even take NALT as a substitute for these medications.

What is the purpose of NALT?


Stress reduction may be NALT’s most potent capacity, especially in severe conditions.

Tyrosine may replace neurotransmitters that are depleted under stressful conditions, according to research.

Neurotransmitters including dopamine and norepinephrine have been found to be disrupted by emotional stress.

The depletion of these catecholamines might cause post-traumatic stress. You might thus counteract the consequences of this stress by refilling these stockpiles.

This is supported by a large number of human and animal research.

During times of extreme difficulty and stress, researchers discovered that NALT may improve mood, response speed, and performance.

Fatigue from sleep deprivation and overexertion, hypothermia from working in frigid temperatures, and laboratory-induced stress were all factors.

In conclusion, the researchers found that NALT might be beneficial in preventing the negative impacts of working in hazardous environments.

In fact, it seems that the advantages of NALT do not fully manifest themselves until you are overworked. It seems to be more effective in reducing harm than improving performance.

NALT may also help to relieve stress on the heart and brain during difficult situations.


Because of its influence on the dopamine pathway, NALT might be an effective antidepressant.

NALT may be beneficial as an antidepressant because it affects dopamine, which is a key element in mood. Some consumers believe that NALT improves their mood.

Clinical data, however, is conflicting.

It showed some potential in animal and limited human studies, but researchers have yet to come to a definitive conclusion.

NALT has been shown to refill norepinephrine levels in rats in a handful of experiments. Depression is linked to low norepinephrine levels.

These effects were only visible in stressed rats.

This suggests that NALT is more of an anti-stress agent than an antidepressant.

NALT was not shown to be effective in a randomized trial with depressed outpatients.

There are models of depression in which low dopamine is the primary cause.

Traditional antidepressants do not work in this manner to cure depression.

This might explain why some users believe that NALT has helped them overcome their depression.

Individuals with psychotic depression, on the other hand, may have an overabundance of dopamine.

As a result, increasing dopamine would likely exacerbate symptoms in this scenario.


In times of stress, NALT may help with memory and recall.

NALT seems to improve memory performance. However, as previously said, it only seems to increase memory under stressful situations.

There hasn’t been any evidence that it can increase memory in otherwise typical settings.

Tyrosine and cold exposure were investigated in many research. Human cognitive functions, particularly memory, are greatly harmed by exposure to cold temperatures.

Participants who took tyrosine supplements seemed to retain their memory function better than those who did not.

It can also help those who work at high elevations enhance their working memory. Due to a shortage of oxygen in the brain, high elevation may trigger hypoxia-induced neurodegeneration.

NALT has the potential to partly reverse this.

When conflicting demands to execute various activities at the same time damage performance, tyrosine may help to maintain working memory.

To put it another way, it aids memory when multitasking.

Another study found that NALT increased working memory in healthy young volunteers, but only under high-stress settings.


Traditional ADHD drugs may be supplemented or replaced with NALT.

Dopamine dysfunction may be the etiology of ADHD, according to current ADHD models.

Adderall and Ritalin act by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. Although these medications are typically successful, they can have some unpleasant side effects.

As a result, some individuals have begun supplementing with NALT to either replace or at least mitigate the adverse effects of neurotransmitter depletion.

Although clinical data is equivocal, there are several tales claiming this is useful.

One risk factor for ADHD, according to some experts, is difficulty metabolizing catecholamines.

As a result, NALT may be able to compensate for the dopamine deficiency that your body is unable to produce on its own.

However, studies believe that this issue affects just 10-15 percent of ADHD patients, and that it may not benefit the remainder.

NALT was shown to be useful in treating the symptoms of ADHD youngsters in one research. They argued that it may be just as effective as conventional medicine.

Another (smaller) research, on the other hand, found no link between tyrosine and ADHD symptoms in youngsters.

NALT was shown to help individuals with ADHD who also had phenylketonuria in one trial. Because phenylketonurics lack the enzyme that converts phenylalanine to tyrosine, this makes sense.

This might result in a dopamine deficit and induce ADHD symptoms.

These findings, however, may not necessarily apply to non-phenylketonurics.

According to one intriguing research, tyrosine may improve inhibitory control in healthy pupils.

The capacity to intentionally halt instinctive reactions is known as inhibitory control.

Researchers believe that a loss of inhibitory control is a defining feature of ADHD, resulting to hyperactivity and inability to concentrate.

Enhancement of cognition and mood

NALT has been shown in clinical studies to improve mood and general cognition.

This, like its other effects, seems to occur mostly under stress and strain.

When individuals received NALT vs. placebo, most studies observed at least some improvement on mental tasks.

NALT was also shown to lower blood pressure in stressful settings in many studies.

There is some evidence, however, that tyrosine might provoke rage in people who are stressed.

NALT’s Role in the Brain

NALT is a kind of tyrosine that crosses the blood-brain barrier more quickly.

NALT is a version of the non-essential amino acid l-tyrosine that is extremely bioavailable. The acetyl group makes it simpler to absorb for your body.

Because your body can make L-tyrosine from the amino acid phenylalanine, it is termed “non-essential.”

Many individuals, however, still do not receive enough in their diets.

The enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase transforms it to the chemical L-DOPA once it is absorbed by your body.

It quickly transforms from L-DOPA to the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine is gradually broken down into norepinephrine, and then epinephrine.

Dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine are three important neurotransmitters that affect mood, attention, stress, and cognition.

NALT may have a significant influence on the way your brain operates by supplying the raw ingredients for these transmitters.

What is the recommended dosage of NALT?

NALT in the 200-500 mg range has a beneficial impact on the majority of individuals.

Some individuals like to take it in the morning, while others prefer to take it at night.

If you’re taking it with an ADHD drug, you may need to take even more to compensate for the lack of dopamine.

You might take up to 2,000 mg spread out throughout the day.

Potential Negative Effects of NALT

NALT is non-toxic, and it is impossible to overdose on it. However, some individuals are still having unfavorable responses.

The following are the most prevalent NALT side effects:

  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Headache

If you’re using MAOIs, have low blood pressure, or have specific thyroid issues, you shouldn’t take NALT.

Reddit NALT Reviews

I know it seems dramatic, but I’m serious when I say that the same four hours feel at least three times slower, if not ten times slower. It’s quite simple to plan, organize, and gather my ideas. u200bu/LetsGetHealthyFam

It instantly soothed my anxieties and mellowed me down. I didn’t feel especially energised; instead, I felt completely at ease. Anonymous

NALT convinced me to alter my mind. It just works for me in terms of improving my mood. MisterYouAreSoDumb

Amazon Reviews for NALT

I’m having a better time working and have more energy and drive. I used to become tired in the afternoons, but since taking the supplement, that hasn’t happened as often. I’ve seen a boost in my mood and a “can-do” mentality. I really enjoy this, and I’m going to keep taking it every day. u200bJacky

This is only an add-on to help you get the most out of your overall strategy to live your best life with ADHD by helping to refill the tank, so to speak. Ward, Duston

The N-Acetyl component of L-Tyrosine assists with mood and energy by allowing it to be better absorbed by our bodies. I think that this health supplement will become more popular among athletes and individuals. Skyes, Nikki

Final Thoughts

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L-tyrosine is a supplement that has been used for decades. It’s benefits have been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and stress. However, some side effects may include headaches, insomnia, and increased heart rate. Reference: l-tyrosine changed my life.

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